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Every Wednesday | 6-7:30pm

5:30-6:00- Middle School Small Groups Meet

6:00-6:30- Meal

6:30-7:00- Games

7:00-7:30- Teaching

7:30-8:00- High School Small Groups Meet


Important Dates through August 2023

Sep 4 -

Sep 21 -

Sep 23 -

Sep 28 -

Oct 2 -

Oct 7 -

Oct 26 -

Nov 11-13 -

Nov 23 -

Dec 21 -

Dec 28 -

Jan 8 -

Jan 27-29 -

Feb 15 -

Mar 1 -

Mar 11 -

April 26

May 7 -

May 21 -

CHAOS Leader Meeting

CHAOS Kickoff Party

CHAOS 5th Quarter Bonfire

First Week of CHAOS

CHAOS Disciple6 Kickoff

CHAOS 5th Quarter Bonfire

FCC Trunk-or-Treat Night

CHAOS Stand to Reason Conference

No CHAOS Wednesday Meeting

CHAOS Christmas Party

No CHAOS Wednesday Meeting

CHAOS Leader Meeting

CHAOS Winter Retreat

CHAOS Worship Night in Amery

No CHAOS Wednesday Meeting

CHAOS Family Conference

Last Week of CHAOS

CHAOS Leader Appreciation BBQ

Senior Sunday/BBQ

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CHAOS Meals 2022-23

Meals for CHAOS! Every Wednesday through April 26th

INFO: You provide the food for 75 students, we will have everything else covered! Water, paper products, serving utensils, etc. are all on site! The kitchen is also available to use!

VOLUNTEERS- We will eat at 6:00pm sharp so please have food set up and ready to be served by then. We would love for you to stick around and serve our youth! But, simply dropping the meal off prior to serving time is also appreciated! Serving time is from 6:00-6:30.

MEAL IDEAS- Pastas, Pizzas, Tacos, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Burgers, and more! Teens will eat anything! If you don't have time to cook that week, donate pizzas!

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Image by Elena Putina

CHAOS Disciple6

CHAOS Disciple6 meets for 35 weeks a year on Sundays from 5:00-6:00pm in D2, or at a predesignated Offsite Location. The purpose of CHAOS Disciple6 is to provide a six-year, in-depth study of the word of God, biblical principles and applicable life lessons that will equip our students with a firm foundation as we send them out into the world in the name of Jesus. Through smaller groups, students who have expressed a desire to “dig deeper” in God’s word will receive personal training in a wide variety of subjects on Sundays, while also receiving devotions and assignments to conduct outside group meetings, with family and friends. 


Want to help out with CHAOS?

Contact Pastor Ben at



To reflect and extend the ministry and mission of Faith Community Church in the lives of students, parents, and leaders. We seek to worship Jesus, live out the gospel, and build a community where discipleship flourishes. Our desire is to partner with parents and with our larger church family in helping students go deeper with each other, their leaders and Jesus Christ.

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Sunday, May 7th

5pm @ FCC

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Sunday, May 21st

12:30pm @ FCC

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