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In 1 Peter 5:2, Peter exhorts the elders to shepherd the flock.  This means protecting, feeding, leading, and caring for the church members.   Thus, people may be seen, prayed for, and assistance plans prepared in the elder council meetings as the elders pastor our members.

The elder meeting minutes are now stored electronically in a secure folder on the church homeforever google drive for follow up by the elders. 

In the past the elders have posted a redacted version of the actual meeting minutes in an attempt to communicate with our church family while at the same time maintaining confidentiality.

Going forward, the elder council has decided to no longer publish a redacted version of the meeting minutes.

For more information on Role, Selection, and Terms of Elders please look at the Church Constitution on this website.

“Elders are charged with the biblical responsibility of the oversight of the church.  All teaching, policy, staff, budgeting, ministry plans, and matters of oversight are the ultimate responsibility of the Elder Council. ”

— FCC Constitution Articles 7 and 8. 

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