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What is a Small Group?

A small group is a group of people attempting to live out the image of God together. That may sound strange, but at its core, that is what a small group ought to be. God exists in an eternal, missional community, as the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The life that Jesus won for us at the cross is far more than fire insurance. Eternal life starts today. As Christians we have been adopted into the family of God, the church. Our attempt to live this out finds its expression in small groups. Small groups are weekly gatherings of people for prayer, study, fellowship, accountability, training, and mission. Small groups are led by a leader and those leaders are shepherded. At Faith Community Church, small groups serve as our primary vehicle for the care and discipleship of the church God has entrusted to us.

Why is it important?

Small groups are important for two primary reasons. First, we are convinced that you cannot fully know God until you truly know and are known by His people. If God exists in eternal, missional community, we cannot fully know Him apart from community. Second reason. Apart from community, 90% of the Bible becomes irrelevant. How are we supposed to bear one another's burdens if we don't know what burdens people have? How are supposed to sharpen each other if no one knows our rough edges? Jesus never told us to go to church; he has called us to be the church.

I haven’t connected yet, should I join one?

Of course. None of us know as much about God as we should or are as connected as we ought to be. We're all simply on different scales of "needing to do better." If you decide to wait until you know enough, are good enough, or are connected enough, you'll never enter in, because on this side of heaven, we will never be there. Beyond that, a small group is the best way for you to experience what life at FCC is all about. You're not signing on for life by showing up, but you should get a much better picture of what you would be signing up for if you go.

Want to Join a Small Group?

Fill out the virtual Connect Card, indicating that you would like to join a small group.

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